EneraSeal is a special watch warranty program, with special warranty conditions for the support of enera customers.

EneraSeal means, that during warranty period – 10 years, watch will be repaired regardless of the reason of the damage. 

We want you to be confident about your watch. The EneraSat technology and patented construction of crown and a case makes the watch especially resistant to shock load, which allows you to use your watch even in extreme conditions. 

Enera watches have been tested for shock resistance, water resistance, precision and durability. 

Warranty terms and conditions

Once in five years your watch must be serviced in an authorised service centre. . 
the warranty can be invalidated, if it is determined, that the watch has been damaged intentionally. 
Warranty covers the watch only, strap and a storage case are not covered by warranty. 

In case of warranty repair, please fill up the form and we will contact you within 24 hours. 

How to apply for warranty repair

Read warranty terms and conditions 
fill up the warrnty form 
wait for us to contact you 
send the watch to an authorised service centre 

Please ensure, that your case complies with the warranty policy 
before applying for warranty repairs 


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