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Samurai Katana edition

ENERA Samurai Katana edition is an exclusive limited edition watch dedicated to Japanese military traditions, which were an integral part of Japanese culture in general. The bronze case contains traditional elements and symbols. The crown is made in the shape of a chochin lantern, which literally means - the light which is carried. Sakura flowers on the dial symbolize the changeability of life, while, according to an old Japanese legend, the custom of hanami (admiring cherry blossoms) extends life up to a hundred years. Minute markers are arrowheads. The hands of the watch are made in the form of a pair of swords (daisho) - katana and wakizashi, which were traditionally the main weapon of the samurai. The watch strap is made of stingray skin - this material was widely used to make the handle of the katana sword. The sea wave on the bezel is a traditional Japanese design and symbolizes the endless passage of time.